June 16, 2024
Jenny Millions gets fucked hard in missionary style

Jenny Millions Fucked By Trike Patrol


Like a deer caught in the headlights, Jenny Millions was questioning how she would fuck this man the very first moment that she laid eyes on him. Does she climb him like a cat climbs the curtains? Look at how the dude is literally TWICE her height. Nothing will reach. If she blows him, she doesn’t even have to kneels down. If Jenny takes it in missionary, is all she sees is the lint in his belly button? All of these questions, and more, are to be answered in the following Filipina porn video and subsequent photo gallery down below.


It is not very often that you actually get to see video of a Filipina woman fucking a black man. To most, they believe their cocks just won’t fit. Add the fact that most Filipina girls do everything in their power to look more “white”. Yes.. there is some racial undertone. It is not that they do not like dark people but that they rather just see whiter-looking girls as being “prettier”. See how Jenny Millions here didn’t care about all of that. All she saw in her mind was the potential for very a huge dick that would be hella-fun to explore.


You bet they were! Look at her, the look on her face says it all. Bliss. She even started rubbing her own pussy while she was getting fucked. That is a true sign that a girl likes what she feels and can’t wait to cum on it! Jenny Millions rocked that cock and didn’t mind at all that the next guy might have a bigger hallway to deal with than he expects. Browse the photos and get a look at some more of the action that these two enjoyed.

See more of Jenny Millions at Trike Patrol. There’s a 40-minute video there and many more photos that you can enjoy.

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