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Thai Porn: Fon gets her pussy stretched

Fon gets her Thai pussy stretchedThai Porn: Fon gets her pussy stretched

Within the privacy of the hotel room walls, the two latched onto each other like forbidden lovers in a dangerous time with mere minutes before discovery. Hands down her shorts on to her moist mound for a rubbing, thrown to the bed for a short exchange of words and then a slow striptease while gently exploring this beauty’s perky little tits, beautiful pussy and wanton expression of her desires for his cock… this update has it all! Mr Naughty was really mesmerized and lost in her strip show. So much so that they had to rewind the gears a bit here…

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Of course, it can’t be all romance and stuff so back to business here. Fon put her clothes back on then as the camera rolled once again, she immediately went after his dick to get that now-soaked and horny pussy of hers wrapped around his thrusting member but first, she has to “wake” the monster and give it a good mouthful! You’re going to love this update for the simple fact that lots of care and time was taken to explore her body at all aspects of the encounter. I for one was surprised at how much abuse that Thai pussy of hers has endured but after seeing it for yourself, you’ll see why this girl just had to use her hands to get a massive wad of cum out of him. Her pussy was M.I.A, down for the count.. whatever you call it… it quit! Until next time guys!

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Asian Sex Diary: Pattaya puki fucking

Around 8pm, I went to Walking Street and had a drink at the beer bars. One girls came to sit next to me, named Gay. She’s a 19yo and on her day off. She only came to say hello to one of the girls working in that beer bar but I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She had that nice smile and round ass. A young sweetheart. She agreed if I would buy some clothes for her. No problem for that! So off we we…I fucked her well (after getting a poor BJ) and I was really excited. Loved the shape of her pussy. Felt really good inside. Wanted to creampie but she insisted that I cum outside, on her ass.

Gay gets her Pattaya puki fucked hard by white cockAsian Sex Diary: Pattaya puki fucking

This is just one of the many many adventures with a serious whore monger like John Tron, his goal is to fuck every available pussy in all Asian countries and he will if he can!! You can follow his adventure on now where he films all of his journeys and updates his site every single day. Join now and get into this community of Asian whore mongers now.

Amateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

Asian amateur threesomeAmateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

So by 1pm, Laiza came back with Kathleen, on my request! She did even better this time and brought along another girl too, named Erika. I felt that this was going to turn into a wild little party. Erika and Kathleen are the same kind of girls in the fact that they just can’t resist having sex. They took a shower together and suddenly, there was a tricky moment when they found a pair of panties in my closet! They had to be Jenny’s from when I fucked last night or this morning. I stupidly denied it, saying it was from “another hotel customer, maybe”… I still don’t understand why I didn’t tell them the truth. You see, we western men still have this kind of guilty conscious… which is not necessary here at all. I still have to learn this: always be honest!
After their shower, we got into action. I got one of the best threesome blowjobs ever. I had an urge to cum the whole time. I then started to fuck Erika first, then Kathleen second. I was sooooo horny that I came inside of her. I didn’t even have the time to do other positions. Pity… but anyway, this was delicious.

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TrikePatrol: Makaela closeup shaved MILF pussy


In the final days leading up to “Pasko” in the Philippines, or Christmas, as the rest of us know it, the influx of girls coming out of the woodwork to gain some extra holiday “consideration” reaches a fever pitch. Our Filipina philandering friend knows this better than anyone, and he told me there were so many girls texting him in the past week or so. One girl in particular, a 28 year old mother named Mikaela, surprisingly was among the group. You see, through his circle of friends he had known her from the past but never was quite able to close the deal with her, so he all but forgot about her.

mikaela shaved pussy closeup

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The guys really worked hard to bring this one back to the hotel with them, she is older and not so easy to pull one over on, not that they tried, but she wanted more than the average girl, she wanted dinner and to be treated to a night out and so on – right? The friend got her in and they ended up having a great time and she was all about the cock once she got warmed up to them, she realized they didn’t want to treat her like property, but rather like a horny milf that she is, and you can see her exclusively on where you will not see this kind of porn anywhere else. They are the real deal, nothing fake about it.

Fapsuey: Amateur Asian Porn


Hello and welcome back, we had a little bit of a hiccup there but we are back and ready to get back on top of showing you all the fresh Amateur Asian Porn we can find. My name is Tam and I will be your guide. I have a little of everything I want to share with you and all of it is going to be about the adventures from all over Asian Countries. I have Asian Milfs, Teens, Ladyboys, in all sorts of nasty situations, from being slammed in their tight little pussies to having a big white cock in their tight anal cavities.

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Asian Sex Diary Daisy poses for John Tron

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Elaine poses for tourist on Trike PatrolThis is just a few of the samples that I will be showing you over time – as you can see, they are not super models, they are not pornstars, they are everyday average Asian girls that get picked up on the streets, in malls and anywhere else that they can be picked up. All in the name of finding any and all Amateur Asian Porn that can be found for you.

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