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Asian Porn: Thai spinner gets fucked

Welcome back, guys! As you most undoubtedly already saw Bew Part1: The Plan already and thoroughly enjoyed watching this Thai spinner grind, strip, tease, touch and rub herself in very naughty places already, you’d be hard pressed not to wonder, does she fuck as good as she looks, too?
Dude, she took to his bone like a bulldog’s slobber takes to your favorite shoes… just by laying there. If that answers your question with enough colorful imagery then, yes, she in-fucking-deed does .. if you consider that she just had to lay there and be a good receiver, which she was! Not to say she was boring, but she was damn great to fuck!

asian porn with thai spinner getting fucked hard

Asian Porn: Thai spinner gets fucked

Lets just say that this episode explains two very important fact about mongering for pussy in any Asian country. Especially when it comes to Thai spinners like Bew here. One, you have to have charm and have a fun-loving personality. Boring conversation or not talking much at all (as evident in the plan Mr Nice concocted in with this girl on Monday) will get you nowhere. The girl will leave! Secondly, even if she’s not a wild animal on your dick, bouncing all over it and such the whole time. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t have the world’s best feeling pussies to fuck!

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Asian Teen Sex: Sylvan does a Christmas Blowjob

This is all about Asian Teen Sex, and this one was so much fun, she was wearing his Santa Hat which was a serious turn on – a Christmas Blowjob!! Wow! Her peaked teenage curiosity led her to ending up stark naked on my bed. The only thing she kept on was the Santa hat. They don’t come much more innocent and fresh looking than Sylvan here, but her actions to follow were anything but those things. Once presented with it, she jingled my cock and balls with her sweet little paws and mouth, stroking all the way. Seeing something so angelic and pure behaving so badly is as thrilling as it gets. So it was only a matter of minutes later that I withdrew my cock and bombarded Sylvan’s face with his white sticky rod; a barrage so great it was reminiscent of Christmas in Western Europe 69 years ago! Merry XXXmas from Trike Patrol!

asian teen sex christmas blowjobAsian Teen Sex: Sylvan does a Christmas Blowjob

This girl is fun to watch and I must have watched her video 2-3 times. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to want to watch a sexy Asian teen do a Christmas blowjob. If you wish to blow right on over to the site and get instant access to watch her videos, please go on over to and get your cock hard now!

TrikePatrol: Busty MILF Mia gets a facial

Before even going inside, busty MILF Mia got her hands on his penis through his pants leg and rubbed him to attention. Moments later, she had his hard cock in her mouth right there in his yard. This was a raunchy young lady to say the least. Once indoors she begin stripping off her clothes to reveal her thick yet tight body, sliding down her sexy panties to reveal a perfectly shaped ass and beautiful trimmed pussy. Then she went for his pecker with her mouth again and didn’t stop sucking until his load was dripping down her chest. Mia here proved you can take the Pinay outta the Philippines… this horny fat ass babe was all about the cock and she licked up his cum like she was never going to see it again!

filipina american mia gets a facial

TrikePatrol: Busty MILF Mia gets a facial

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Asian Sex Diary: Chubby Filipina with big boobs

Last week I had been chatting with that girl Corazon, a chubby Filipina, with the nice boobs. We agreed on meeting today. To my surprise, she actually showed up, even on time! Last time we chatted, she told me that she was a webcam (cybersex) girl. But today she told me that she was still is one. You never know the truth with these girls. I truly loved her boobs and attitude but once we were fucking, she wasn’t as active as I would have expected from a webcam pro. But maybe all that webcam sex doesn’t really translate to the real thing. She seemed to enjoy it for sure but I was hoping for some moaning, but her pussy was good, and her mouth was even better around my cock, so who cares if she was loud or not, right? All in all, great BJ, good fuck and great creampie at the end! Who am I to complain when big tits Filipina sluts are involved!

chubby filipina webcam amateur with big titsAsian Sex Diary: Chubby Filipina with big boobs

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Free Asian Porn: Pinay MILF Pussy with a dildo

Alright guys, it’s high time we had another Pinay MILF episode on here, we surely get enough requests for ’em. Mr. X heard about those requests and was more than happy to oblige with the return of a rather popular mature Filipina from a couple of years ago. That means she’s aged a while longer since her last fucking and for us MILF-lovers, that’s a good thing! So let’s welcome back Miss Wayana…..and her pink vibrating toy of course!

pinay milf pussy with a big pink dildoClick here for more Free Asian Porn: Pinay MILF Pussy with a dildo

Another admirable attribute of this voracious vixen is her soft-spoken, demure demeanor. She comes off slightly modest and even innocent, but you know there’s a furnace of burning desire just below the surface. That makes her sexy as all hell in my book. I’m enthralled by this woman. None of Mr. X’s quarry ever need extra invitations to let the freak out, but Wayana unleashes her inner freak in bunches. When she gets herself going with first her fingers, then ol’ Mr. Pinky, you hear and see her reach another level of horny. Her moans and winces are just a joy to watch; I could blow my load before X even whips his pecker out.

When Mr. X finally does reintroduce his pecker to her, she devours it quickly like a hungry hostage would a hot-dog. After having her fill, she positions her derrière in the air invitingly for Mr. X to pound from behind. A MILF with an ass so nice really does need to fucked doggy-style more than anything. When the time was right, X-man swapped ends to unload on her waiting mouth-hole. That my friends, is the reason we love our Filipina MILFs.

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