May 28, 2022
Chubby Filipina babe named Krystal Davis fucked in doggy style with hanging tits

Krystal Davis Appears On Trike Patrol!


It is not hard to tell that she has Filipino DNA in her. The girl comes in such a sweetly short pillowy package. That monster-sized sexy ass, pair of tits, and heavenly MILF girth she’s rocking still don’t take away from the fact she could fit under the shadow of Trike Patrol’s stud’s hard white dick. Krystal Davis has not been on the scene very long. In fact, Krystal only started doing porn as recently as 2019. According to her AIFD profile, there’s only 30 scenes logged by the database. There are likely a few more but that gives a good idea of how new she is.

Take a look at the 4-minute video that they sent us to post. It’s pretty hot! Watch her undress in such a tantalizing way that you can almost feel and take in the sweet-smelling comfort between Krystal Davis’ boobs while melting into her bosom.


With where she put her mouth at the end of that clip, I bet it’s even warmer in there! Check out some of the pics, too, to get an idea of the type of action that comes in this episode of theirs. I find it really cool to see how a real-life down-to-earth porn site started by a bunch of amateurs living in the Philippines turns into a world-recognized brand that snags the pornstars in their crosshairs while living the high life! Pretty cool, right?

View more pics of sexy Asian MILF Krystal Davis in action

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