April 22, 2024
Chubby Filipina virgin naked on bed

Shy Chubby Filipina Virgin

Dear Diary, I told Jopay about my hobby of taking photographs and she loved the idea immediately. This shy chubby Filipina virgin was not shy like I thought she would be. The two friends she was with when I met up with them chose to wait another day as they had plans to do other things this day. But Jopay came with me and her tiny little body made me horny right away. After a few pictures, I began to show my other interests. Jopay liked it and we went on to bang hard. Good performance, not the best, but I was happy anyway. By the way, I gave her my camera and asked her to film in her house later. I’ll wait and see what she comes back with…let’s see how creative she can be with a camera and just her, no “audience”.

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