December 11, 2023
Jenny Thai onlyfans model sucking dick

Jenny Thai Onlyfans Model On TukTuk Patrol


I know the boys there have been snagging a pornstar or two lately but when I was scrolling through their site today I was reminded again how they had Jenny Thai stop in to get fucked on camera. If any of you already follow this girl on Onlyfans, you know that she has a knockout body and quite the fuck-me face. Seriously, I could fuck her face all fucking day long. I don’t even care if I get dishpan dick from it! Look at that fucking face! Now picture yourself going balls deep in it over and over and over again. Here’s a 4-minute video that I found on their site that I can show you and you’ll see why.


Ok, I normally only post the longest of clips that they have available to give away for free but I also think that it is very important to see their commercial trailer video for the Jenny Thai episode. I just felt that you guys would appreciate seeing some of the stuff that she does with them.


There’s more, too. There’s a free gallery with Jenny Thai on Tuk Tuk Patrol and another gallery with her here. The 2nd one has the same trailer video as above but 6 more pics are at the bottom of it that are not in the 1st gallery. So 16 free photos total. Worth a look.

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