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TrikePatrol: Zara Depraved Dildo Freak

Hey guys, meet Zara, she is just 18 years old but she already knows how to treat a white cock, she is old school when it comes to taking a cock in her mouth and working her tongue around the top and down the shaft, never forgetting about the balls and giving them some attention. I don’t know who taught this girl what she’s been taught, but she has a mouth filthier than a veteran porn-star, and was in adorned in the slut-wear to back it up. Now, some Filipinas you’ll meet will talk a good game, but when the dick comes out, they turn into shy little convent girls. Not Zara here, no no no. While talking filthier than a ship-chasing Subic City bargirl in the 70’s, she whipped out various sex toys from her purse and gave demonstrations of their self-pleasuring functionality.

trike patrol zara blows white cockTrikePatrol: Zara Depraved Dildo Freak free pics


Zara is about as horny and sexy as they come and we hope to see a lot more like her. Take note of how she is with that pink dildo when she got her hand on that thing, she did everything but chew it up and eat it, she pounded her pussy with it then stuck it to her mouth and began licking it, I swear our dicks were so hard that you could cut glass with them. She knew exactly what she was doing too and didn’t need to be told or lead, she just instinctively knew how to treat cocks. She wasn’t playing but rather doing a tremendous amount of teasing our cocks.

I want to show you the free pics of her, but then you have to get access to really get the feel of this girl and watch her all exclusive videos, I watched her and hell, I was even turned on just watching the damn video!

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