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TrikePatrol: Makaela closeup shaved MILF pussy

In the final days leading up to “Pasko” in the Philippines, or Christmas, as the rest of us know it, the influx of girls coming out of the woodwork to gain some extra holiday “consideration” reaches a fever pitch. Our Filipina philandering friend knows this better than anyone, and he told me there were so many girls texting him in the past week or so. One girl in particular, a 28 year old mother named Mikaela, surprisingly was among the group. You see, through his circle of friends he had known her from the past but never was quite able to close the deal with her, so he all but forgot about her.

mikaela shaved pussy closeup

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The guys really worked hard to bring this one back to the hotel with them, she is older and not so easy to pull one over on, not that they tried, but she wanted more than the average girl, she wanted dinner and to be treated to a night out and so on – right? The friend got her in and they ended up having a great time and she was all about the cock once she got warmed up to them, she realized they didn’t want to treat her like property, but rather like a horny milf that she is, and you can see her exclusively on TrikePatrol.com where you will not see this kind of porn anywhere else. They are the real deal, nothing fake about it.

TrikePatrol: Ailyn Filipina solo striptease

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It’s human nature. Sometimes we are more attracted to the strange and unusual things in life and we just can’t help it. When something stands out from the crowd we are drawn to it, even if it isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, sometimes just being different is all it takes to draw more attention than a runway model. Whatever it is about it, it gets our attention and gets stuck in our heads, regardless of what it looks like, the difference of it is enough. Pussy is no different. There will always be time for the typical petite stunners, sexy spinners and big-tittied MILFs, but when you see a 4’9″ bleached-blonde Filipina solo striptease in a bright yellow outfit with green fingernails walk by, you just have to get a closer look. If for no other reason than to see what kind of person leaves the house like that, or if the circus is in town and a clown had lost her way! Either way, we needed a closer look and we have for you today, Ailyn, a very unique Filipina with a craziness that just makes her interesting.

Filipina blonde sol stripteaseTrikePatrol: Filipina Ailyn solo striptease free sample pics


This young lady was so hot that you’d never know she was a horny Filipina milf and had a kid or two – she is and always will be in our memories – she was not shy but not too arrogant or aggressively outgoing, she was perfect in every way and her pussy was one that would be hit again given the chance!

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TrikePatrol: Filipina Ailyn solo striptease free pics

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