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Asian Porn Gallery: Busty Pinay milf striptease

It’s human nature. Sometimes we are more attracted to the strange and unusual things in life and we just can’t help it. When something stands out from the crowd we are drawn to it, even if it isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, sometimes just being different is all it takes to draw more attention than a runway model. Whatever it is about it, it gets our attention and gets stuck in our heads, regardless of what it looks like, the difference of it is enough. Pussy is no different. There will always be time for the typical petite stunners, sexy spinners and a busty Pinay MILF, but when you see a 4’9″ bleached-blonde Filipina MILF in a bright yellow outfit with green fingernails walk by, you just have to get a closer look. If for no other reason than to see what kind of person leaves the house like that, or if the circus is in town and a clown had lost her way! Either way, we needed a closer look and we have for you today, Ailyn, a very unique Filipina with a craziness that just makes her interesting.

busty pinay milf on fapsuey for trikepatrolAsian Porn Gallery: Busty Pinay milf striptease

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Free Asian Porn: Pinay MILF Pussy with a dildo

Alright guys, it’s high time we had another Pinay MILF episode on here, we surely get enough requests for ’em. Mr. X heard about those requests and was more than happy to oblige with the return of a rather popular mature Filipina from a couple of years ago. That means she’s aged a while longer since her last fucking and for us MILF-lovers, that’s a good thing! So let’s welcome back Miss Wayana…..and her pink vibrating toy of course!

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Another admirable attribute of this voracious vixen is her soft-spoken, demure demeanor. She comes off slightly modest and even innocent, but you know there’s a furnace of burning desire just below the surface. That makes her sexy as all hell in my book. I’m enthralled by this woman. None of Mr. X’s quarry ever need extra invitations to let the freak out, but Wayana unleashes her inner freak in bunches. When she gets herself going with first her fingers, then ol’ Mr. Pinky, you hear and see her reach another level of horny. Her moans and winces are just a joy to watch; I could blow my load before X even whips his pecker out.

When Mr. X finally does reintroduce his pecker to her, she devours it quickly like a hungry hostage would a hot-dog. After having her fill, she positions her derrière in the air invitingly for Mr. X to pound from behind. A MILF with an ass so nice really does need to fucked doggy-style more than anything. When the time was right, X-man swapped ends to unload on her waiting mouth-hole. That my friends, is the reason we love our Filipina MILFs.

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Amber – Pinay LBFM fucks and sucks white cock

In terms of finding a quality Pinay LBFM and fucking ’em proper, our buddy is pretty high on the totem pole around here, and this week he bagged yet another sexy Pinay captured on film riding his totem pole. We introduce to you the sultry, bedroom eyes of Amber, a girl short on words, but long on sex appeal. Those curly, flowing black locks of hers framing her gorgeous come-fuck-me face, is enough to make any hardened monger, well…harder. And nobody ’round here gets harder than him, you see. Wait til you watch him thrash this brown beauty with her mutton-dagger but good! She moans, she screams, and she ends up with a hot sticky load of his goopa-troopa’s all over her belly. That’s how Filipinas get done!

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Free Asian Porn: Kelly Gives a great massage

I was feeling pretty lazy this week guys, and really wasn’t in the mood to go out on patrol… too much partying last night haha. J was trying to get me on my feet and out the door, but with no success. I really just wanted to lay back, relax and get a massage. J comes up with a pretty wild idea, why not try to pull the massage girl? I didn’t think it was going to happen, but what the hell…
I called the massage parlor to get things going, and around 30 minutes later Kelly shows up at my room… It was kind of strange though because she recognized me before I even had a chance to introduce myself. Yup, seems she’s a fan of Trike Patrol, and recognized ol Bruce “from the video”… and it didn’t take any convincing whatsoever to get her on camera. Don’t miss this one guys, Kelly gives one hell of a massage!!

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Chealsy: Pinay Pussy gets her some local cock

One thing’s for sure, if Grampa-expat sees this video, there’s gonna be a new 18 yr old Pinay named Chealsy in need of a home. Amid her hasty libidinous actions, she probably didn’t realize these 2 crazy Filipinos were actually the “native” members of the infamous band of Trike-riding, infidelity-exposing mongers. Can hardly blame a girl for wanting a shag with someone born in her decade, can you? They are humans too, after all. But even I gotta admit, answering your old fart money-ko’s phone call while you’re taking it from behind in a short-time hotel room is a little outrageous. (see vid – approx 08:50) Poor old bastard. Nobody likes to be lied to and cheated on. Especially not on camera, haha. So that’s Chealsy and her “cheatin’ heart” (or, cheatin’ pussy, really) episode. For those who hate their illusion bein’ broken with the local brown winky, don’t worry, we go back to white dick next week, lol.

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