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TuktukPatrol: Thai babe Am gets doggystyle fucking

Guys, meet Am, and I plan to get some doggystyle fucking done here, she is beyond sexy! She’s got a nice playful personality to her, kind of posh looking and has a beautiful face that anyone could love. The boys damn near ran this pretty Thai over in excitement while cruising in the TukTuk when she was spotted at the side of the road. The guys quickly thought of some place she could “show” them how to get to and once parked, came right out with the fabled question. “Sex then lunch?” (in so many words, that is). At first, she refused. I thought maybe this one would have walked off and the boys would have had to go hunting again but he pulled a little trick on her and got her to agree to his requests. Score!

TuktukPatrol: Thai babe Am gets doggystyle fucking

Once accustomed to what was about to come, Am really seemed quite excited and looking forward to the adventure. Whilst the going was good, the bloke with the love-gun got right to work on her, laying her down and touching her body all over. The smile on this girl, wow. It’s beautiful! Even watching her tongue wrestle our bloke here, it was obvious, this girl has a set of lips that could sink ships and.. as you’ll find out.. make a white man do wickedly dirty stuff in the heat of passion!

There’s an age old saying that goes something along the lines of treating others as you wish to be treated. So at first, Mr Nasty was gentle, almost romantic but very inductive of how happy he was to caress and neck her then it was obvious of what to do next.. screw being nice… stick a pitched tend in her mouth and play with her fantastic thong-clad ass and eager pussy!

Am only showed apprehensiveness when it came to anal play but she quickly warmed up to it once she realize just how wonderful it felt to be probed, spread and fingered in BOTH holes!

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