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Asian Galleries: Petite Thai gets a hairy creampie

Please meet Sip, 19 years old and a pro with the cock and getting a hairy creampie! She already told me yesterday that it was only for pictures, nothing more. I said “yes”, of course, but I had more in mind, as you can imagine. Once in my room, we immediately started and everything went well until I started to touch her. She repeated a few times that I could only take pictures and not touch, but the way she said it and the way that she was looking at me, I knew that there was more possible here. Horniness was in the air, also from her side. I continued to touch her and I even managed to take off her panties. She was laughing, screaming and giggling. From that point on, I knew that I was going to fuck my first Laos girl ever in my life. The moment I was touching her pussy and later eating it, she became silent and I could hear her enjoying it. Her pussy was wet like a waterfall.

petite thai hairy creampie on asian galleriesAsian Galleries: Petite Thai gets a hairy creampie

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Asian Porn: Thai spinner gets fucked

Welcome back, guys! As you most undoubtedly already saw Bew Part1: The Plan already and thoroughly enjoyed watching this Thai spinner grind, strip, tease, touch and rub herself in very naughty places already, you’d be hard pressed not to wonder, does she fuck as good as she looks, too?
Dude, she took to his bone like a bulldog’s slobber takes to your favorite shoes… just by laying there. If that answers your question with enough colorful imagery then, yes, she in-fucking-deed does .. if you consider that she just had to lay there and be a good receiver, which she was! Not to say she was boring, but she was damn great to fuck!

asian porn with thai spinner getting fucked hard

Asian Porn: Thai spinner gets fucked

Lets just say that this episode explains two very important fact about mongering for pussy in any Asian country. Especially when it comes to Thai spinners like Bew here. One, you have to have charm and have a fun-loving personality. Boring conversation or not talking much at all (as evident in the plan Mr Nice concocted in with this girl on Monday) will get you nowhere. The girl will leave! Secondly, even if she’s not a wild animal on your dick, bouncing all over it and such the whole time. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t have the world’s best feeling pussies to fuck!

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Free Asian Porn: Busty Thai teen firm and sweet

This week, we have a bit of a sweet flavor of girl for you, one even greener than last week’s conquest. We’ve had a few provincial-girls with different life-experiences come through the ranks of conquests. But here at Tuktuk Patrol but this 19 year old Busty Thai teen sweetie from the back-province (8 hour bus ride away!). She truly could not spit in English, even if she tried. What’s more is that she was fully in shell-shock from the city lights, John’s cameras and especially appeared to be like a deer caught in the headlights. She adoringly gazed upon her new white tourist friend, here. She’s in love, even if she knows it won’t last. It’s obvious this might even be her first or second time with a tourist. This might likely be that she can even count on one hand how many times she’s been picked up like this. Once you see how tight she is, you may agree that she isn’t too experienced with this. You just can’t “act” this type of scenario unfolding here, folks.

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Filipina Threesome: Two girls on one tourist’s cock

Ann arrived this afternoon with her cousin and she really was a black beauty. After a little chat and Ann acting very funny, I asked them to take a shower before the action. I loved looking at Fhae’s body; very tight, fresh, young, beautiful boobs and a tiny pussy. I got very excited. We started with a family BJ to discover her skills. It was ok, but still a lot to learn. I must say that her pussy felt like paradise and that I enjoyed fucking her but Fhae didn’t show much emotion in the beginning. Afterwards I asked her why… she said she really liked it but that it felt strange being with her cousin. Anyway, once she got on top and I did her doggy style, she stopped stressing over it and enjoyed it more. After all, it was a great fuck and I can’t help but wish that after Shiela bringing Ann and Ann bringing Fhae, that Fhae will bring me someone new soon… I kind of like this system of pussy deliveries!

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Asian Porn: Horny Thai spinner gets fucked hard

Click Here After giving her a vicious tongue-lashing that had her near the edge for almost longer than she could handle, she proved to us all what the true meaning of a horny Thai spinner is in this Asian porn video. So hot, bite-sized and agile enough to hop up on a thick cock and ride with views that will drive any man insane! Seriously, picture this sweet pussy sliding up and down your cock. Her legs were spread wide and so wet that one would be surprised if she could even grip what she’s riding! This episode is another one of our favorites when it comes to close up views that makes anyone wanna bury themselves in neck-deep!

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