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Amateur Asians: Lexi gets an anal fucking

Dear Diary,

After two days of chatting with Lexi, she agreed on meeting me in the afternoon. She was one hour late. I thought she was not coming but suddenly, she was there. I was really happy because she was even sexier in real life than on chat. She had a nice dress and high heels on. She agreed on making pics so I started right away. Nice posing and not shy at all. She started to take off her clothes and I was really amazed at how sexy she was. I got easily horny, especially after seeing her pussy.

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I ate that pussy and got a great BJ in return. The fuck was great but the best part was yet to come. I licked her ass a few time and she seemed to like that. That is a little test I do to see if she will agree on anal or not. Even without asking, I put my dick in her ass and she loved it! That was a real gift for today!

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