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Amateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

More Amateur Asian porn! So by 1pm, Laiza came back with Kathleen, on my request! She did even better this time and brought along another girl too, named Erika. I felt that this was going to turn into a wild little party. Erika and Kathleen are the same kind of girls in the fact that they just can’t resist having sex. They took a shower together and suddenly, there was a tricky moment when they found a pair of panties in my closet! They had to be Jenny’s from when I fucked last night or this morning. I stupidly denied it, saying it was from “another hotel customer, maybe”… I still don’t understand why I didn’t tell them the truth. You see, we western men still have this kind of guilty conscious… which is not necessary here at all. I still have to learn this: always be honest!

Asian amateur threesomeAmateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

After their shower, we got into action. I got one of the best threesome blowjobs ever. I had an urge to cum the whole time. I then started to fuck Erika first, then Kathleen second. I was sooooo horny that I came inside of her. I didn’t even have the time to do other positions. Pity… but anyway, this was delicious.

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Asian Galleries: Petite Thai gets a hairy creampie

Please meet Sip, 19 years old and a pro with the cock and getting a hairy creampie! She already told me yesterday that it was only for pictures, nothing more. I said “yes”, of course, but I had more in mind, as you can imagine. Once in my room, we immediately started and everything went well until I started to touch her. She repeated a few times that I could only take pictures and not touch, but the way she said it and the way that she was looking at me, I knew that there was more possible here. Horniness was in the air, also from her side. I continued to touch her and I even managed to take off her panties. She was laughing, screaming and giggling. From that point on, I knew that I was going to fuck my first Laos girl ever in my life. The moment I was touching her pussy and later eating it, she became silent and I could hear her enjoying it. Her pussy was wet like a waterfall.

petite thai hairy creampie on asian galleriesAsian Galleries: Petite Thai gets a hairy creampie

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Asian Porn Gallery: Busty Pinay milf striptease

It’s human nature. Sometimes we are more attracted to the strange and unusual things in life and we just can’t help it. When something stands out from the crowd we are drawn to it, even if it isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, sometimes just being different is all it takes to draw more attention than a runway model. Whatever it is about it, it gets our attention and gets stuck in our heads, regardless of what it looks like, the difference of it is enough. Pussy is no different. There will always be time for the typical petite stunners, sexy spinners and a busty Pinay MILF, but when you see a 4’9″ bleached-blonde Filipina MILF in a bright yellow outfit with green fingernails walk by, you just have to get a closer look. If for no other reason than to see what kind of person leaves the house like that, or if the circus is in town and a clown had lost her way! Either way, we needed a closer look and we have for you today, Ailyn, a very unique Filipina with a craziness that just makes her interesting.

busty pinay milf on fapsuey for trikepatrolAsian Porn Gallery: Busty Pinay milf striptease

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Amateur Asian Gallery: Thai milf gets a creampie

Meet Mina, a 32 year old Thai MILF with a fine bubble butt and as you are about to find out, a deliciously smoothly-shaven snatch that just begs to get fucked. If you love your Thai girls a little chubby, but not quite fat, then this girl will surely please your many senses. Not wasting any time, once back at the hotel room, I started taking sexy pics in various states of undress and pussy spread, then, as has happened so many times before, I was overcome with an insatiable desire to plow my cock deep into her fleshy vaginal regions after a nice taste of pussy that resulted in her cuming all over my face. Really, can you blame me, the view of this girl and easy-going nature of this sexual adventure was enough to drive most men wild as it is, but throw in a face splattered in girl cum? It just does not get much better than this!

thai milf gets a creampie on fapsueyClick the pic for more Amateur Asian Gallery: Thai milf gets a creampie

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Amateur Asian Gallery: Stunning Thai pussy pounding

May was picked up on a back street, needing a ride to work. The guys stopped solely because of her legs, she had the hottest legs of any Thai babe they had seen in a long time. Asian girls are known for their sexy legs, but this was an exception. Between her sexy legs and her braces, she was getting sexier by the minute and his cock was getting harder by the minute. He took her back to his hotel room where his intent was to get her clothes off so he could see the rest of this speciman in all of her beauty. This girl was so hot it was making him crazy just thinking about her naked and on his cock with her beautiful Thai pussy pounding action on full hi-def video.

amateur asian galleries stunning thai pussy poundingAmateur Asian Galleries: Stunning Thai pussy pounding

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