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Filipina Threesome: Two girls on one tourist’s cock

Ann arrived this afternoon with her cousin and she really was a black beauty. After a little chat and Ann acting very funny, I asked them to take a shower before the action. I loved looking at Fhae’s body; very tight, fresh, young, beautiful boobs and a tiny pussy. I got very excited. We started with a family BJ to discover her skills. It was ok, but still a lot to learn. I must say that her pussy felt like paradise and that I enjoyed fucking her but Fhae didn’t show much emotion in the beginning. Afterwards I asked her why… she said she really liked it but that it felt strange being with her cousin. Anyway, once she got on top and I did her doggy style, she stopped stressing over it and enjoyed it more. After all, it was a great fuck and I can’t help but wish that after Shiela bringing Ann and Ann bringing Fhae, that Fhae will bring me someone new soon… I kind of like this system of pussy deliveries!

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Free Asian Porn: Kelly Gives a great massage

I was feeling pretty lazy this week guys, and really wasn’t in the mood to go out on patrol… too much partying last night haha. J was trying to get me on my feet and out the door, but with no success. I really just wanted to lay back, relax and get a massage. J comes up with a pretty wild idea, why not try to pull the massage girl? I didn’t think it was going to happen, but what the hell…
I called the massage parlor to get things going, and around 30 minutes later Kelly shows up at my room… It was kind of strange though because she recognized me before I even had a chance to introduce myself. Yup, seems she’s a fan of Trike Patrol, and recognized ol Bruce “from the video”… and it didn’t take any convincing whatsoever to get her on camera. Don’t miss this one guys, Kelly gives one hell of a massage!!

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Free Asian Porn: Maymay – petite LBFM with hairy bush

Maymay came to my room and I was very excited to see her again. I love her body soooo much, she is so thin and petite and she has little to no boobs at all, and her hairy bush, well, her pussy is so sweet, and yes hairy. Skinny, firm, brown and she was fun as hell to stick my dick in. her skin is really so soft! I just don’t like her attitude. She didn’t want to give me a bj today! However, today, I showed her my good side and told her that I will pay her rent for her apartment (3000pesos). And guess what? She directly started to ask for more. It’s all in this episode. You’ll see, I’m telling the truth here. Seems so unreal. This is only part of what you will see here for some good old fashioned Free Asian Porn.

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I don’t care… I fucked her nice and deeply anyways and gave her my load… so I’m happy. When she left, she promised me to bring some friends next time. Now we’re talking!!!!

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Free Asian Porn: Hong gets her Viet Nam Pussy fucked

Got a message from Lan that she had a new girl for me, a younger Viet this time who is 24yo and named Hong. She’s got a skinny body and typical Vietgirl face. I liked her from the start, even if she was very shy. Took her too my room where she continued to be shy for the camera. Only when I started to lick her sweet Viet Nam pussy that she started to participate a little more. What a wonderful BJ she gave me! Slowly and lovely at first, then more passionate. I really had a good feeling fucking her. She had a small shaped and tight pussy. It felt really good inside her. I wanted to creampie her but I promised her before not to do that. So I tried to do a good facial but I just had no sperm anymore after fucking Lan last night and morning. I need a sperm time out!

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Asian Porn: Horny Thai spinner gets fucked hard

Click Here After giving her a vicious tongue-lashing that had her near the edge for almost longer than she could handle, she proved to us all what the true meaning of a horny Thai spinner is in this Asian porn video. So hot, bite-sized and agile enough to hop up on a thick cock and ride with views that will drive any man insane! Seriously, picture this sweet pussy sliding up and down your cock. Her legs were spread wide and so wet that one would be surprised if she could even grip what she’s riding! This episode is another one of our favorites when it comes to close up views that makes anyone wanna bury themselves in neck-deep!

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