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Asian Whore monger gets a blowjob from sex camgirl

As written from the best Asian Whore Monger online: I got a message from the sex cam girl named Eye, this morning. She was confirming our meeting at 2pm. We would meet at a McDo close to my hotel. When I arrived, she was already there. When she saw that I was filming, she asked me to stop filming. She was so shy about other people around us. I filmed a little on the way to our hotel. Once there, it was ok to make pictures, even if she looked to be a no-emo girl. Strange sometimes how camgirls can be totally different in real life. On chat, she seemed totally sexual and horny, now I had to deal with a nun. Good thing that I made it clear in advance that we would be meeting to make some pictures and video.

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She gave me a good long BJ and then it was my turn to stuff that pussy. Nice small pussy. I don’t think that she hooks up with customers very often. She probably makes her money with sexcam. She didn’t act like a pro and was a little starfishing. But again, loved that body and those boobs, so enjoyed well! No creampie allowed but a good facial on that over-makeup-laden face was a nice finishing touch for this trophy. She wrapped up with me and went back to her sexcam customers to make their dicks hard! Get access right now to to get the full videos and pics!

Filipina Puki gets a facial from white cock

Mr. X snares him quite the hot and dark-skinned little number here. Her name is Zara, just 18 (running 19 though), from Cebu. I don’t know who taught this girl what she’s been taught, but she has a mouth filthier than a veteran porn-star, and was in adorned in the slut-wear to back it up. Now, some Filipinas you’ll meet will talk a good game, but when the dick comes out, they turn into shy little convent girls. Not Zara here, no no no. While talking filthier than a ship-chasing Subic City bargirl in the 70’s, she whipped out various sex toys from her purse and gave demonstrations of their self-pleasuring functionality. Her Pinay puki was screaming hot!

pinay puki gets a facial from white cockFilipina Puki gets a facial from white cock – click the pic

Next, Zara went on to put the meat where her mouth was, er…put his meat in her mouth. You get the idea. She talked the talk and then sucked the dick. This was girl truly depraved beyond her tender years. It was beautiful. How a girl this young could be this dirty and foul is quite a thing to ponder. Is this what they mean when they say “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” with those tourism signs? You have to wonder. Her sausage-slurping skills were only outdone by her fucking performance, which is saying a lot. You’ll be as hard as I was watching her “fuck-me” eyes while getting penetrated repeatedly and in multiple positions by ol’ Mr. X. This was a young lady totally enjoying herself, not just entertaining a perverted foreigner’s whims.

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Filipina handjob and facial from white tourist

Check out this one, the rare Filipina handjob and cum swallower all in one cute and petite package! Was feeling lazy but I walked around a bit, then rented a motorbike to ride around. Nothing really happened until I went to a local pizza take away stand. A girl was waiting for her pizza there and I loved her face immediately, so i decided to follow her. On the way, I approached her and we had a little chat. Her name was Ethel. She agreed to share her pepperoni pizza with me in my hotel. She was very shy and didn’t talk much, so I asked her to pose for some pictures. That always seems to work here. These girls love posing and feeling beautiful. She didn’t have to do much to be beautiful, her shyness and her sweet smile already had her there in my eyes.

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This girl and so many more can be found on where John Tron goes on a whore mongering journey to all of the Asian countries picking up the hot little LBFMs. All sizes and ages, Asian milfs and Asian Teens, all walks of life. Some come back and some move on, but all leave a mark on his memory and in his Journal.

Thai LBFM Kik gets her sweet pussy split

Once back at the villa, it was surreal. Her body was beautiful! Honestly, we don’t run across many girls like this. So smooth, sensual, beautiful, petite and sporting such an amazing Thai LBFM pussy! She sensually stripped nude, had her ass fondled, licked and grabbed before eventually having a thick white cock shoved in her face. She did, after all, know exactly what she as here for and that was to use her mouth, ass and pussy to please this foreign bloke’s long stick! Heck… if she got off in the process, that was a bonus! Man, this girl can fuck! The proof is when she mounded on top in reverse-cowgirl, spread her legs as wide as she could and like a symphony of well articulated muscle movements between the two, they fell into a rhythmic love-making session that only got Kik more and more excited! You hear us saying a lot of the times that the girls we pickup truly love what we do to them but none quite like Kik did. She wanted it all. She wanted to fuck hard, fast, slow, deep, gentle, fast n deep again and in every position he could throw at her!

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If you are joining other Thai porn sites, you are wasting your money, those are all store bought scripted content, is all about doing it real, not scripted and all raunch and grit. These girls are not paid models or anything – they are real, picked up in random places.

AsianSexDiary: Gib sucks and fucks white cock

I went out in the afternoon, to the beach. I really had to find a girl today, I needed urgent fuck and revenge. Just arrived on Jomtien Beach when a girl started to wave at me. She looked cute, so I approached her. She was super cute. Gib, fresh girl living in Jomtien with her Family. Great body and cute braces. Just perfect. She was smiling and didn’t mind posing for me. It was clear that she liked me, as well. I asked her to join me in my room to make more pics there and she grabbed my hand. This was clear that I was going to have a good time.

gib gets fucked doggystyle

AsianSexDiary: Gib sucks and fucks white cock

As John travels the world and always on the hunt for the next Asian pussy that he can get into, quite literally, he shares this journey with you, his fans and if you haven’t seen the site yet, then you need to. Once you see it and experience the adventure  he takes you into, you will become a great fan too. He lives the life that a great many of you wish you could, he just has to walk down the street to get himself into some of the most real, amateur Asian porn you can get anywhere. He doesn’t degrade them and doesn’t treat them bad, he just gives them what they want, some big fat white cock to spend some time with.

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