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TrikePatrol: Candy the cock swallower

Hey hey folks, I have a good one for you today, Candy, the cock swallower and you are about to find out why, she is 21 and God is she ever a cock lover and gives an intensely messy Filipina blowjob. The first thing I think when I see this babe’s video title is, how the hell have we not had a “Candy” on Trike Patrol before? In nearly 9 years of snookering strange slant off the streets of the PI, we’ve never cum upon a “Candy”? I mean, seriously, that’s like the classic stereotypical ‘hooker’ name, isn’t it? Anyway, here she finally is, and boy was it worth the wait!

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Candy is a ferociously messy cock-swallower, effectively in-haling that engorged prick all the way into her face. Recognizing this rare talent, Mr. X is sure to record lots of it before finally stripping her panties off to batter that other well-beaten fuckhole of hers between her legs. Not only does this sprightly LBFM enjoy hoovering cock with her mouth, but she evidently likes having her little brown pussy stretched and bashed good as well. This is a full-service Filipina right here gentlemen!

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TuktukPatrol: Nung the Petite Thai Nympho

This girl really loves cock! She gently caressed, stroked, rubbed and pleasured him with great care to make him as hard as a rock. She truly loved the view of his raging wood! Her soft skilled hands almost overshadowed the greatness of her beautiful and tiny little tits that soon became fully exposed when she joined him for the naked party. At first spread, you could clearly see just how delicate and pristine that Thai pussy is, too! One could not help but imagine how good it would feel to have her bearing down on wood with that tight box. Lube or no lube, this dirty Thai slut wanted that cock in her mouth, so that’s just what she did! The view of her tight little body, the warmth of her mouth and stickiness of the lube all over was surely more than enough to please Mr Naughty as she worked her mouth and lips all over his raging boner.

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TrikePatrol: Zara Depraved Dildo Freak

Hey guys, meet Zara, she is just 18 years old but she already knows how to treat a white cock, she is old school when it comes to taking a cock in her mouth and working her tongue around the top and down the shaft, never forgetting about the balls and giving them some attention. I don’t know who taught this girl what she’s been taught, but she has a mouth filthier than a veteran porn-star, and was in adorned in the slut-wear to back it up. Now, some Filipinas you’ll meet will talk a good game, but when the dick comes out, they turn into shy little convent girls. Not Zara here, no no no. While talking filthier than a ship-chasing Subic City bargirl in the 70’s, she whipped out various sex toys from her purse and gave demonstrations of their self-pleasuring functionality.

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Zara is about as horny and sexy as they come and we hope to see a lot more like her. Take note of how she is with that pink dildo when she got her hand on that thing, she did everything but chew it up and eat it, she pounded her pussy with it then stuck it to her mouth and began licking it, I swear our dicks were so hard that you could cut glass with them. She knew exactly what she was doing too and didn’t need to be told or lead, she just instinctively knew how to treat cocks. She wasn’t playing but rather doing a tremendous amount of teasing our cocks.

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AsianSexDiary: Ray clean pussy creampie

She seemed to be looking for someone and clearly didn’t find that person. She had tattoos and looked like a sexy MILF, so I invited her to my table. Her name is Ray, a 32 year old LBFM. She was indeed looking for her boyfriend who didn’t show up. I felt my chance here and gave her some food. She seems to like me, so 30 minutes later we were in my room. That’s the good thing about MILFs, they actually need to leave a good impression and they’ll do everything that they can to make you happy. And God yes, she did a great job! Such a horny slut she was!

asiansexdiary ray white cock creampie

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Ray was one of those girls that you wouldn’t probably pick up because she isn’t a stand out kind of girl, she wasn’t one that the guys at AsianSexDiary had in mind, but the time and place just put them together and both had nothing else to do, so why the hell not. It wasn’t like they were going to get married or anything, a casual Filipina fuck was ok right?

TukTukPatrol: Muei sucks off white tourist

Perfect in every way. Nice figure, big tits, juicy thighs and amazingly suckable nipples! I could go on and on about how wonderful Muei’s big Thai tits are but I’ll let the video do most of the talking for me. In all honesty, there’s no words I could use to describe just how wonderfully full of life and love those juicy mounds really are. You just have to watch him fondle, lick, suck, squeeze and attack them with his sausage to truly understand how amazing of a catch this was. And here I was in a butt-fuck-nowhere town this past week banging farm girls while he had this pickup video waiting for us to enjoy. Somehow, I think he still got the better end of the bargain, haha!

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