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Amateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

More Amateur Asian porn! So by 1pm, Laiza came back with Kathleen, on my request! She did even better this time and brought along another girl too, named Erika. I felt that this was going to turn into a wild little party. Erika and Kathleen are the same kind of girls in the fact that they just can’t resist having sex. They took a shower together and suddenly, there was a tricky moment when they found a pair of panties in my closet! They had to be Jenny’s from when I fucked last night or this morning. I stupidly denied it, saying it was from “another hotel customer, maybe”… I still don’t understand why I didn’t tell them the truth. You see, we western men still have this kind of guilty conscious… which is not necessary here at all. I still have to learn this: always be honest!

Asian amateur threesomeAmateur Asian: Erika and Kathleen blow one cock

After their shower, we got into action. I got one of the best threesome blowjobs ever. I had an urge to cum the whole time. I then started to fuck Erika first, then Kathleen second. I was sooooo horny that I came inside of her. I didn’t even have the time to do other positions. Pity… but anyway, this was delicious.

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